This website gives a look at Israel's population statistics with graphs of population variances and a general history of the country.

The Jewish Virtual Library was created to educate the public on a variety of topics by giving them free and easy to access infomaration.

This website brings together a plethora of educational resources for both Israeli and Judaic topics. The link provided bring you straight to the section on Israel.

Israeli-Food- Guide gives a very general look at what typical means are in Israel. There is a also a section on holidays in Israel and how food plays a part in them.

Flowers in Israel gives a breakdown of the different types of plants by Alphabetical order, bloom month, plant family, trees and bushes, exotic flowers, plants of the bible, thorns and thistles in the bible, and perfume in the bible. There are pictures and names are in multiple languages.

This site was created specifically for kids! The history and general facts on Israel stated on the site are written with children in mind. 

This website provides basic, non-biased information on the state of Israel in typical Encycopedia fashion. 

This website carries a wealth of knowledge of the State of Israel and its history. Full of amazing resources, there is even a timeline of the formation of the State with hundreds of entries to look through and learn from. 


The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website if full of educational, yet uncensored, information on current and past MFA issues. Therefore, content may not be apporpriate for all ages without supervision.

This link brings you to the background information portion of the IDF website. There is a wealth of knowledge on protocol, history, and general knowledge of the IDF. Content may not be appropirate for all ages.


Time Out:Israel is a phenomenal source for someone looking for what there is to do and see in Israel. Built for those planning to travel and explore, this website gives a view of Israel as a whole. That being said, some articles are not appropriate for all eyes (This pictures of LGBTQ pride parades and such). This honest and open source is available in multiple languages. 

This news website focuses on the innovation of the Israeli people and its effect on the global stage. 


Peace Insight gives the resources to find people trying to prevent and mend conflict in high conflict areas, including Israel.  Within each area listed there are specific cities on a map the user can click on to see what groups are helping that specific area. If the user wants to learn more about the group, they can click on the group and read about them. Links to the groups website and contact information are also included where applicable. 

The KKL-JNF is an organization out to better the land people of Israel by improving the Homeland that cnnects all it's inhabitants. Dating back to the birth of the nation, this organization is there to ensure the long term sustainability of the environment of Israel.