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Israeli Organizations/Media

These Israeli Organizations

need our help to keep Israel vital. 

Please DONATE to the these organizations

or to your favorite Israeli cause

Click on the Organization Name to reach the site

Please check back for updates to this list

Friends of the IDF - Supporting Israeli Soldiers

Hadassah Hospitals - Medical Care

Israel Dog Unit - Specially trained dogs saving lives

Israeli American Council - Israeli Americans supporting Israel

Jewish National Fund - Supports Israel in many ways

Leket - Food for Israelis under siege

Magen David Adom - Israel Paramedics and EMTs

NATAL Programs for Israeli victims of trauma due to terror and war

United Hatzalah - Volunteer Emergency Medical Service

Yad Eliezer - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Israel

Yashar LaChayal - Supporting Israeli Soldiers


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Israeli Media:

Get the facts on the ground in Israel

Jerusalem Post

Times of Israel

World Israel News

Ynet News

Media/NGO Watch:



Honest Reporting


UN Watch


Israeli Tech, Innovation and Culture Sources:



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